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To tell you about myself, Gaynor Davenport.

I had been given the gift of communication with horses at a very young age. During my early years I only used the communication when it was necessary.


In 1996 I was asked to see a famous race horse who had unknown problems when racing. While I was with him he told me what was happening to him. His trainer was amazed and asked me how I could help - He carried on to win many races.

After that I was called to a horse in the olympic team, because of confidentiality I will not disclose his name. I was able to help the horse right up until he came home.

After a few months I was approached by the Mail on Sunday to do an article for them.

From then on my phone did not stop ringing. Nearly all my clients from the early days are still with me along with many famous and up and coming stars in eventing, dressage and show jumping.

To compliment my work I use ayurvedic herbal supplements, of which I have first hand experience working alongside botanists, pharmocologists and vets from Sahranpur, India. I also use the essential oils of provence which are organic and used for equines.

I have life membership of Phyto medica, India and I am an honorary member of the International Federation of Aroma therapists and Geota and an associate I.F.P.A.

In 2012, Gaynor has been asked by the IFA to write case studies which involve the use of oils which she has used in her work, from 1996 to the present day. This will be translated into Chinese, and go into a specialist magazine at the IFA conference.
She has also been asked to give a lecture on her for the IFA in England in 2012.


All genuine enquiries please call or text 07771 892267 and supply your contact number.

Gaynor will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can send an email with your contact number to

Gaynor will call and text you to respond, rather than email.