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My horse communication started at a very early age. However I was not allowed to speak about it.

I am able to listen to the sound of the horse. Horses tell me about their lives, how they feel, how they work and about major trauma they have experienced and hold on to.

They will tell me where in their body they have had injuries that may be affecting their life and performance

Event horses have often told me where on the course they have had a problem. Therefore I am able to work with the horse and rider to overcome any imbalance.


Debbie Moore riding her own horse, Anuska

When I meet a client for the first time I explain about myself and how I work. I will ask that you bring a book and a pen to take down any notes. I ask you not to give me any information at this nordstrom promo code point and allow the horse to be the speaker. I will then relay to you what the horse tells me and we discuss each point. By piecing the conversation together we find out what is on the horses mind and what problems the client has been facing.


All genuine enquiries please call or text 07771 892267 and supply your contact number.

Gaynor will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can send an email with your contact number to

Gaynor will call and text you to respond, rather than email.